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With fitness nation | tv you can build a new profit centre in your studio in no time and provide pure entertainment for your members. Inform and inspire with our versatile TV programme.
We have just the right mix of content developed specifically for gyms, daily news, and your own content from your gym - easy to use and GEMA-free.

Inspire your Members

TV Playlisten
daily changing contents
non-tone optimized
own study contents
Sales increase
Cross- and Up-Selling
Promotion of own products Refund System
Easy to use
Automatic installation through pre-programmed HDMI stick Usable on any terminal device
Studio TV
Pre-made templates for
own content
real-time info for studio visitors course schedules, announcements etc.
Daily news
DPA Sports channels
Red Bull
TV Lifestyle News
fn | tv content
informative articles on fitness, sports & nutrition
delicious recipes
exciting quizzes and challenges
Plug & Play HDMI TV Stick
Uncomplicated and technically simple solution for transferring Studio TV Playlists to digital screens.
Exclusive cloud-based TV program 100% tailored to the needs of fitness studios
Revenue from advertising
Access global advertising partners through the fitness nation network and establish yourself as the advertising platform in your region.
Digital network
Build your own digital advertising network in your city so that companies book advertising space in your studio
Up- and Сross-selling
Benefit from emotional self-promotion and create impulse buys to increase your upselling revenue
Daily changing content
Our playlist as well as our own online media library consist of a variety of daily updated videos, pictures and prepared information.
Program time for own content
Within a Playlist there is enough space for your own studio content. News, special offers, course schedules, cooperations and other interesting studio content can be shown here.
Interactive touch stele with Individual Playlist
Our state-of-the-art 55‘‘ inch Touch Stele sets new standards! It not only offers all the important functions for fitness studios, but can also be recorded with your own TV Playlist, so that all members are always well informed.
Your contact for innovative and smart automation processes and digitalization solutions in the fitness and health market.
We offer you software, hardware and agency services from a single source and thus an incomparable 360° service.
over20 years experience
in the fitness industry
Sports enthusiasts in our Fitness Community
TV Screens as an advertising platform

BEST PRACTICEYour success is our goal

Fit One
„We had not expected such terrific feedback from our members. The new Studio TV immediately caught our eye and offers unique entertainment value. In addition, we can provide our members with relevant studio news much better.“
BestFit Group
„By placing different content in certain studio areas, we can reach our members in a topic-specific way. Especially the insertion of merchandise and shakes in the counter area has fueled our cross-selling.“
J+ JUST MORE Fitness
„The choice of content is huge. This makes our Studio TV more varied and interesting. The easy handling lets us quickly insert and exchange our own content, saves time and ensures a smooth broadcast.“

fn | overall portfolio

The solutions for successful optimization and digitalization of your daily studio routine
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Can the TV content be freely selected?+
You decide which content is displayed in your studio. You can use the fn|TV playlists with your own placeholders for studio content or freely design an empty playlist.
How is the TV program controlled?+
The program consists of playlists with different content slots. They are filled with content via a cloud-based system.
What specifications must be met when designing studio slots?+
The studio can freely design the content in its own slots and playlists.
Can different content run on different screens?+
It is of course possible to adapt the content to the location of the screen. We will be happy to advise you on which content is particularly useful and lucrative in certain areas of the studio.
What are the technical requirements for the hardware?+
All devices require Internet reception. The devices can be connected to the Internet via WLAN as well as via a LAN cable. The TVs should also have an HDMI connection. Teamviewer and our TV app are required for installation.
What are the technical requirements for software installation?+
For the installation a good to very good internet reception of the end devices is necessary.
How does the studio generate advertising revenue through TV programming?+
Studios can independently place ads from cooperation partners in their TV program. The studio is responsible for handling the cooperation. If the studio provides advertising slots for booked ads via fitness nation | werbeslot, the studio will receive a proportionate share of the advertising revenues.
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